Document Your Kentucky Auto Accident Case

Auto AccidentOne of the biggest reasons why Kentucky car accident cases fail is because of the lack of documentation. After calling the police so they can come help you at the accident scene, you should start gathering evidence, if you are able. The most important thing you can do is to document everything that happens in your accident case. From the moment you are in an accident, you should take pictures and make notes of everything that happened. Only do this if it’s safe to do so, however. Don’t put your live at risk.

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What to document
You will want to document as much as you can from the accident scene. Some things you will want to record include:

  • Witness information. Get their name and phone number if possible.
  • Take pictures of all vehicles involved, license plates, people involved, the damage on both cars and the accident scene.
  • Gather the other driver’s make, model, color and year of their vehicle.
  • Get the other driver’s name, phone and address.
  • Exchange insurance information. Record their insurance company, policy holder and policy number.
  • Record the date, time, place and weather conditions of the accident.

Keep a diary or journal
It is also important to keep a diary. You should write down everything that happens in your accident so that you can remember it later. Should you have to give a deposition or testify at trial, it might be three or four years after the accident. You may forget many of the details of the accident, your treatment or how you were affected. You must have a way to refresh your memory as to how the accident affected your life. It is also a great help to your personal injury attorney. If you think back to even last Christmas and try to remember everything that happened, you’re not going to give an exact play-by-play of every gift that everyone received that day. This is the same thing that will happen as time passes after your auto accident. You will not remember everything.

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As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I know how important it is to document your accident. If you don’t, it could hurt your case. Please document your accident! This will increase the chances of you getting a good and fair recovery in your case.

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