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Deadly Accident in Louisville, KY

Auto Accident A deadly accident happened on February 20, 2013 on Highway 393 in Crestwood, approximately a mile north of Centerfield Drive. According to police, John Gebhart, 22, was traveling southbound on Highway 393. Gebhard lost control of his car and struck a guardrail. Reports have shown that Gebhart has suffered massive injuries and was subsequently pronounced dead on the scene when the emergency team arrived. The LaGrange Police Department suspected that Gebhart was killed when his vehicle suffered a mechanical failure. There were no other reports of injuries or fatalities resulting from the accident.

Kentucky State Police revealed in its latest accident report, 2013, 73 people lost their lives on Kentucky roadways. This is 26% lower compared to the fatalities for the same period in 2012. Some of these accidents were caused by distracted driving; others were caused by mechanical failure. While it’s unclear whether Gebhart’s mechanical failure was due to a vehicle recall or not, it’s important to always take care of your car. Take it in for regular oil changes and maintenance checkups. If your vehicle is ever in a recall, always to it to the nearest dealer, who is involved in the recall, and have them fix the problem. It’s much better to have them fix the problem now than end up in an accident later.

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Motor vehicle accidents happen for several reasons and factors. One of these reasons may be due to driver’s error. In some occasions, the vehicle itself may be the root of the accident. Defective airbags, seat belts, tire failure, tire blowouts and more can cause serious personal injury and even death to victims out on the roads. Manufacturers are often held liable for defective vehicle in most states, including Kentucky. If you feel legal action is needed, a Kentucky car accident attorney can help you. In any auto product recall case, burden of proof is important. Having an attorney who knows the technical aspects of the automotive product is a must.

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