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Consumer Reports Released A 2014 List Of Cars To Avoid

ContractCar aesthetics go beyond what we see on the outside. It also includes the price of a car. Consumer Reports (CR) created a list they released in 2014 that told buyers which cars to avoid. Yes, you heard it right. The same team who makes recommendations on which vehicles are a good deal is also sharing a list of models that didn’t satisfy their needs.

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Compact cars
On compact cars, CR said that the Scion tC was a hard ride, thus it lacked in driving enjoyment. The Mitsubishi Lancer had an under-powered engine and noisy interior. Also, the Dodge Dart was unrefined and more pricey than most of its competitors.

Subcompact cars
On subcompact cars, CR listed it’s best to avoid the Chevrolet Spark because it was stiff and its handling lacked luster. They also have negative remarks for Scion iQ because of the awful seat and loud cabin. The SmartForTwo also fell short according to them for its tiny, two-passenger cabin and underpowered engine.

It’s interesting to hear what they have to say, right?

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Tips for buying a car
I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but it’s very important to emphasize it. As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, my advice to car buyers is to really think carefully before making a final decision. Why? For the following reasons:

  • Bestselling cars may not mean it’s a good choice for you. Yes, many buyers find those models appealing, but those people may have different needs than you do. We cannot assume that what works for them will work for you, too.
  • With that, create your own list of qualities you are looking for in a car. Make sure to note everything – the comfort, fun drive, versatility, etc. Keep that list on you when shopping for car models.
  • You can’t be fooled when you know the truth. Do some research. That way, when you are looking at cars on the sale’s lot, and the salesperson tries to upsell you, you will know exactly what you want.

Finally, before I forget, make sure that you are ready to buy a car. It’s going to be a costly investment, and it takes time to pay off. If you go to a car lot and change your mind about buying a car, don’t let the salesperson pressure you into buying a car. Simply tell them that you decided that you need more time to think about which car to buy. You will know when you find the car that is right for you. That’s the car you want to buy. You don’t want to buy one that you were pressured into buying. Once you buy a car, its value decreases significantly when it drives off the lot, and it can’t be returned. That’s why you need to be sure it’s the car for you.

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