Car Accident Courts

ScaleIf you are in a car accident, you may find yourself going to court. For many, that is frightening. A small percentage of the population is comfortable with the court system. These are typically people who work there daily and are familiar with the process. However, the rest of the population is not as familiar or comfortable with the details of the judicial system.

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Levels in the court system
There are different levels in the Kentucky court system. These include:

  • Appellate level – This houses the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals.
  • Trial Courts – This includes Circuit Court and District Court (Family Court is a division of Circuit Court).
  • Specialty Courts – This can be divisions of either Circuit or District Court. These Specialty Courts are Small Claims Court and Juvenile Court (which are divisions of District Court). In juvenile cases where the offenses are serious felonies, the juvenile can be tried as an adult. If convicted, they will serve their time in a juvenile facility until they are old enough to be transferred to an adult facility. Another Specialty Court is Drug Court.

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Which court system will my case end up in?
If you’re in an accident case, and it goes to court, you will be in either the Circuit Court or District Court. In order for the case to end up in Circuit Court, the amount in dispute has to be more than $4,000. If the amount is less than $4,000, you will end up in District Court. If the amount is $1,500 or less, you can take your accident case to Small Claims Court. Small Claims is less formal and less expensive. Also, parties involved in Small Claims actions are allowed to represent themselves without an attorney.

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