Bride Loses Husband In Car Accident One Day After Wedding

ScaleSome brides may feel post wedding blues, but Megan Willis experienced emptiness and loss. The new chapter of her life with her husband ended in less than 24 hours after their big day. Megan was just married to Nick Willis for less than a day before she was widowed. Her husband was killed in a car crash when he was on his way home to Lexington. Megan revealed that she was in shock and said that this was the worst thing ever. Police said they think wet roads played a role in the crash.

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Accident statistics

  • Since the start of 2013, wet pavement has contributed to road crashes in Kentucky.
  • On January 16, 2013, two tractor trailer-trucks collided in the northbound lanes of Interstate 65 in Bullitt County due to wet and occasionally slick roads.
  • On February 12, 2013, a man was in critical condition after he lost control of his bicycle and crashed. Police say wet road conditions could have triggered the crash.
  • On March 24, 2013, wet roads have caused a Ford Mustang to run into a duplex in Lexington.

The different stages of covered roads
Wet pavement is one of the road conditions that makes it hard for drivers to keep all four wheels on the road. Other road conditions described by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet include the following:

  • Partly Covered – the roadway is partly covered with snow, slush or ice.
  • Mostly Covered – the roadway is mostly covered with snow, slush or ice.
  • Completely Covered – the roadway is completely covered with snow, slush or ice.
  • Impassable – roadway conditions are not suitable for travel unless required by an emergency.

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Tips to prevent accidents on wet or slick roads
In order to prevent accidents on wet and slick roads, the Cabinet reminds motorists to slow down and exercise greater caution when driving. It is also advised to eliminate distraction while behind the wheel. If you lost control of your car or your car starts to slide, you may do the following:

Front Tires Sliding

  • If you are on the brakes, ease off them gently.
  • If you are on the accelerator, let it off immediately.
  • Turn the wheels straight and then try to turn again.

Rear Tires Sliding

  • If you are on the brakes, ease off them gently.
  • If you are on the accelerator, ease off it gently.
  • Turn the wheels in the direction you want the car to go.

An average of 5,500 deaths are caused by wet pavement-related accidents every year. If you’re in an auto accident in Kentucky, please be sure to get checked out by a doctor to make sure you’re okay. If someone hits you because of wet roads, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney to see what you’re options are for your case.

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