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Black Boxes May Be Installed To Record All Accident Data

Scale The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, is becoming increasingly concerned with the large number of dangerous auto accidents. The NHTSA is looking for new and smarter ways to determine what caused auto accidents with the goal of preventing similar crashes. They’ve proposed that all car makers start including “black boxes” or event data recorders (EDR’s), similar to those used by aircraft, in their cars.

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Black boxes in cars
The agency is hoping that black boxes will serve a more practical purpose by providing an objective and clear source of information, showing exactly what happened after an accident. The cause of auto accidents is not always clear. Black boxes would help by providing the details that are not available from traditional means of accident reconstruction. Details and evidence would be preserved that sometimes get lost in the cracks in accidents today.

Are there black boxes in cars now?
Many car manufacturers have already placed black boxes in some vehicles as early as 1999. The NHTSA’s proposal would make black boxes mandatory in all vehicles starting with the 2014 models. According to NHTSA, 96% of all cars and light-duty trucks produced in 2013 have the ability to house EDR’s and at least 91% already have them installed.

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Auto accidents in Kentucky have been on the rise in early 2013 only making the NHTSA’s concern more valid. Even small auto accidents can cause brain injuries which can make details hard to remember or forgotten. These EDR’s will help drivers be responsible and gather information to help put everything into perspective, especially if injuries have occurred. As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I would love to see black boxes in all vehicles. This would show the last events prior to a collision such as braking or evasive maneuvers. This information would be critical in determining the true cause of a serious accident.

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