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Be Prepared With Emergency Supplies From The Red Cross

Are you one of the drivers who store junk and unnecessary things in your car instead of emergency supplies? In a survey conducted by State Farm and KRC Research, it revealed that only one in 10 drivers keep essential emergency supplies in their vehicles. Emergency supplies and kits are important, whether you are going for a short or long trip. They’re important because these practical and handy materials can ensure your safety in case of a road-related emergency.

First aid can save lives
For instance, let’s pretend you were in an accident, and one of your passengers suffered from a hemorrhage. What happens if no one applies first aid? The bleeding won’t stop which would reduce their chances of survival, if the injury is serious. This is also the same with the injuries sustained from a car accident. If no one gives first aid, injuries may get worse. That person will be forced to wait for an ambulance to reach the scene of the accident. The simple application of first aid or immediate on-the-scene assistance, if properly and adequately performed, can save lives.

The American Red Cross Store
Lack of roadside emergency supplies can definitely place you, your loved ones and friends in jeopardy. The good news is emergency supplies are now available at the Red Cross Store. Supplies such as first aid kits and hand-crank radios, which can charge your mobile phone, can help you prepare for unexpected emergencies.

The Schafer Law Office encourages all drivers to always carry emergency supplies such as first aid kit, flashlight and other essentials in their vehicles. Your cell phone may enable you to call 9-1-1, but you can’t rely on your phone alone. Your phone and the other things in your car can’t be used to stop severe bleeding and other injuries caused by an accident. No driver plans to have a roadside emergency, but it is better to be prepared if one happens. Hence, emergency supplies should be one of the things that are always in your car. Do not put your life at risk. Always be prepared.

For more information, visit the Red Cross Store.

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