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As The Holidays Roll Out, Road Rage Is Raising In Kentucky

As we are nearing the holiday season, Kentucky roads will again be busier than usual. During this time, road rage also tends to be higher than normal. Road rage causes you to get very frustrated, but it isn’t going to get us to our destination any faster. It can be very dangerous and is something we need to learn to control.

Road rage accident
A man named Dr. Perrin Dobyns from Indiana was involved in a road rage act in 2013. Dobyns was driving on Interstate 75 in Kentucky in September 2013. As this Dobyns was driving down the road, another motorist, David Kollar, noticed the man’s alleged reckless driving. Kollar took out a camera to document the event for the authorities. Dr. Perrin Dobyns then rolled down his window and pointed a gun at Kollar, who was on his way home when the incident happened.

According to Kollar, he wanted to record the car’s license plate so he pulled alongside the black sedan. He was expecting at least a finger or something else, but was shocked to see a gun. Kollar added he heard a shot and hit his brakes. Upon reaching home, Kollar immediately called the police and sent the video from his phone. Dobyns was arrested by the Indiana State Police at the Branchville Correctional Facility in Branchville, Indiana, where he reportedly was working. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this event.

Tis the season for road rage
Despite the continuous construction and improvement on the roads, it still cannot keep up with the fast-rising number of cars in Kentucky. We know that congested roads can easily trigger road rage. Drivers tend to manifest hostile reactions toward other drivers. Some would even resort to acts of violence such as physically assaulting another driver or using a weapon. Victims and perpetrators of road rage are most likely to come from the younger male age group. Even so, this doesn’t eliminate the fact that anyone of us, male or female, can get involved.

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How to help prevent road rage
One way to help reduce road rage is to take control of our emotions. When we can manage our anger, we are less likely to engage in road rage acts. To help us control our emotions, here are a few tips:

  • When angry, do your best not to speak or rant. Instead, work on your breathing. Breathe deeply until you regain your normal breathing rhythm.
  • If you witness poor driving by another driver, you can always report it to the Kentucky State Police (KSP). Never take it upon yourself to punish another for their misdemeanor.
  • Remember that an angry driver is a threat to safety. If you feel you are out of control, pull over in a safe area and let yourself unwind.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I would like to emphasize that road rage can be prevented. I have been representing car accident victims for over 20 years. I have seen how our emotions play a crucial role in keeping us and other motorists safe on the road. Please never engage in road rage acts. It’s dangerous, and it’s only going to make matters worse because you are irritating another drive. It’s a domino effect. Try your best to be patient and get to your destination safely.