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Are These Auto Recalls Causing Consumers To No Longer Care?

recall There were many auto recalls announced in 2014. The issue has become so common that experts started to see the effects of these publicly covered recalls. According to George Hoffer, transportation economist at the University of Richmond, the downside with recalls being publicly covered every time is that the public might not take the recalls seriously. Also, Jack Nerad, veteran of the auto industry and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book, said that the millions of recalls only lower the response rate of consumers. This is because they don’t feel like they need to bother getting their car checked if their car is working properly.

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Are so many recalls causing people to not care?
If people stop taking recalls, especially car recalls, seriously, the situation could get worse. This is bad not only for Kentucky motorists who own GM cars involved in recalls, but for all vehicle owners across the United States as well. For example, think about driving a car that has been announced in one of the recalls. Your driving with your whole family in the car. For the most part, these cars will function properly, but what happens if something goes wrong?

Recall flashback
Let’s go back to February 2014 when the recall started. General Motors announced they had to fix faulty ignition switch on some small cars. After that, more recalls were issued. Last May, 2014, we talked about GM agreeing to settle to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a fine worth $35 million and advised car owners to drive with just their car key after conducting tests on some recalled vehicles.

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Please take recalls seriously
It’s alarming that the “so-what” attitude sweeps consumers on critical issues such as this. If you have a car that is on one of the recalled lists, please take that car in to get it checked out when you can. If you’re driving your car, it breaks down and that causes you to have a car accident, that is serious! You will wish you had gotten it checked out, but now it’s too late. You and your family’s safety should be top priority. Please take all recalls seriously.

As a Kentucky Accident Attorney, I hope that motorists stay proactive amidst the recall reports. You never know when you can gather useful information while watching the news. Also, this type of data is great for sharing with your loved ones. The more people that know about the recall and fix the problem, the few accidents the recalled products will cause.

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