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A Louisville Teen Dies After Being In A Coma

Car Accident A Louisville teen died on Sunday, December 15, 2013 at University Hospital. He had been in a coma since December 2, 2013 following a fatal crash involving a UPS delivery truck. According to the Jefferson County Coroner’s office, Brandon Mudd, 19, died on December 15 at 12:07 am. Police said Mudd ran a stop sign at the intersection of South Third and Kenton Street, near Churchill Downs when the UPS truck t-boned the Chevy Impala that he was driving. The passenger in Mudd’s Impala was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Moving violations in Kentucky
Running a stop sign is one of the moving violations in Kentucky. Moving violations refer to those infractions that take place while a vehicle is in motion. Other examples of this kind of violation include: speeding or driving below the minimum speed, driving without a seat belt, drunk driving, ignoring road signs, not using turn signals and tailgating. What happens if you have a clean record but have been found guilty with any of these moving violations? You may be given the option to attend traffic school and have the offense be removed from your driving record. However, you are still required to pay the traffic ticket.

When you are cited for these moving violations, you’ll accumulate points. These points will identify habitually negligent drivers. Each violation corresponds to a number of points. Once you accumulate 12 or more points within a two year period, the Transportation Cabinet conducts a hearing concerning driving privileges. Once the hearing has concluded, the department may require the driver to be placed on “probation” instead of suspension and attend a driver improvement clinic approved by the cabinet. A driver in the “probationary period” shall not be considered for probation again until a lapse of two years from the ending date of any previous probation period granted, whether served or not.

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It is important to understand Kentucky traffic violations but what matters more is to know how to avoid having traffic tickets on your record. The best way to do it is to drive within the law. It’s simple. Drive safely, responsibly and legally at all times. Follow the traffic rules and road signs such as: keeping your distance, keeping an eye on the speedometer, focusing on the road and driving sober.

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