7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case

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Michael Schafer
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7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case

When you have been in an automobile accident there are many questions that run through your mind.


  • How do I get my medical bills paid?
  • Can I collect for my lost wages?
  • How do I get my car repaired?
  • Can I go to any doctor?
  • Do I have to speak with the insurance adjuster?

This is foreign territory for most people. You have been thrown into a maze of insurance and medical procedures. I have written “The Seven Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case” to inform you of what to do and what not to do if you have been in an auto accident. I hope it helps to level the playing field between you and the insurance company. This book explains:

  • What a personal injury case is
  • What to do if you have been in an accident as well as
  • The 7 potholes that can wreck your case
  • Not documenting everything that happens after the accident
  • Not seeking immediate medical treatment
  • Giving statements or signing any papers without obtaining legal advise
  • Not hiring the right attorney
  • Not being completely honest with your attorney
  • Exaggerating your injuries


Here is what others have said about “7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case”:

"Attorney Mike Schafer, a personal injury specialist in Louisville, Kentucky, has recently published an exceptional book for accident victims: 7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case.  Mr. Schafer relies on his 20 years of experience in representing accident victims to create a book that is a must-read for any Kentucky citizen injured in an accident.  I also know Mr. Schafer personally so I can attest to his strong legal skills and exceptional advocacy on behalf of his own clients.  Mr. Schafer’s book allows the Kentucky accident victim to learn firsthand how to navigate the insurance claims minefield, how to choose a top-notch attorney if you need one, and generally how to increase the chances of successfully resolving the claim.   No one in Kentucky should hire a lawyer or even speak to an insurance adjustor without having first read Mr. Schafer’s book.  I give it my highest recommendation."

Christopher M. Davis, Esq.

Davis Law Group, P.S.

Seattle, WA

"Mike Schafer's book is an invaluable resource for anyone injured or involved in Kentucky automobile accident. In this book Michael dispels the "personal injury myths" that are misunderstood by the public (including some attorneys) and provides accident victims with a non-nonsense guide to help navigate and avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes - or as Mike refers to them "potholes". This is definitely a resource that must be read."

Charles N. Internicola, Esq.

Decker Decker Dito & Internicola, LLP

Staten Island, New York

"Kentucky attorney Mike Schafer’s new book “Seven Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case” is simply a great book. If you or a family member has suffered an injury in an auto accident it can be a very difficult time. Mike has written a book that will help you protect yourself and your family from making a mistake that could prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve. If you are a victim of an auto accident don’t talk to an insurance adjuster or an attorney until you have this book in your hands. It is protection you must have!"

Vaughan de Kirby

San Francisco Attorney

"Throughout his career, Louisville, Kentucky attorney Mike Schafer has been diligent in helping injured people understand the legal process after an accident.  He recently used his 20 years of experience to create a book that will help all Kentuckians after an accident.  His book, 7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case, outlines seven of the most common mistakes people make while pursuing their personal injury claim.  Everyone in Kentucky should have a copy of this book before talking to an insurance adjustor or hiring an attorney."

Kenneth L. Christensen

Attorney at Law



7 Potholes That Can Wreck Your Kentucky Accident Case Table of Contents


Why I Wrote This Book

Disclaimer and Warning

Chapter 1: Do I Have An Auto Accident Case?

Chapter 2: Personal Injury Myths

Chapter 3: What Are the Different Types of Insurance Coverage Availalbe To Me?

Chapter 4: I Was Just in an Auto Accident. What Do I Do Now?

Chapter 5: At the Scene of the Accident

Chapter 6: What Happens in an Auto Accident Case?

Chapter 7: 16 Common Questions

Chapter 8: Seven Ways Your Accident Case Can Be Delayed

Chapter 9: The Seven Potholes

Conclusion and Final Thoughts



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