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Kentucky Truck Accidents

Kentucky Truck Accident Lawyer


A truck accident is extremely traumatic and devastating. In collisions between a car and an eighteen wheeler, the truck always comes out ahead. In truck accidents, 98% of the fatalities happen to the people in the car and only 2% to the truck driver.


Doesn’t it make you a little nervous when those huge trucks and tractor trailers come barreling past you on the interstate? Have you ever worried as you were staring anxiously at hubcaps passing you at eye level? Are they even allowed to go that fast? The answer, in most cases, is “No.” What if he jackknifes? What if he doesn't see me as he's changing lanes? What if the trailer fish-tails? If something goes wrong, the result could easily be catastrophic, as Kentucky truck accidents usually are.


If you’ve been in a semi-truck accident, you may have some questions. And we have the answers.

A Semi-Truck And Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer? After Your Trucking Accident
Trucking Accident Differences Attention From A Real  Lawyer, Based Locally

A Semi-Truck And Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyer?


Unfortunately, "what if” sometimes turns into reality and "what is." If you're here, it may have for you or for someone you love. If that devastating reality has become the case, you’ll need a knowledgeable Kentucky truck accident attorney, and you need one immediately.


If you’re in any part of Kentucky, the law firm for you is The Schafer Law Office. Based in Louisville, Kentucky, The Schafer Law Office has made it their mission to help people who have been hurt in car and truck accidents. They know all the issues involved, and, because of their special focus on Kentucky truck accidents, they are very familiar with all the complications of such cases.

Trucking Accident Differences


Other than size, of course, you may wonder exactly what the big difference between a car accident and a truck accident is.


Well, the size is actually a major complicating factor in more ways than one.


First, of course, the size of the vehicle that crashes into yours directly affects the amount of the resulting damage. While car accidents sometimes allow you walk away with minor injuries, such is rarely the case with a tractor-trailer accident.


In fact, unfortunately, more often than not, people don’t walk away from Kentucky truck accidents at all. In that case, it is the victim's family whom The Schafer Law Office helps after their loved one has been tragically killed.


The other complicating factor involving size, is maneuverability. A big truck's size makes them much more dangerous and dramatically increases the likelihood of accidents in the first place. Large trucks are harder to maneuver and control. They need much more room to come to a complete stop. They cannot slow down easily and quickly if unexpected hazards appear in their paths. Something as seemingly minor as a blown tire, can spell disaster.


Eighteen wheelers need extra room to turn. They can jack-knife, fish-tail or veer across lanes. They have huge blind spots, and the consequences of getting caught in one of their blind spots can be fatal. Add inclement weather, and you have a catastrophe waiting to happen.


Moreover, the very reason why trucks are on the road in the first place can make them dangerous. Many trucks transport perishable goods or hazardous materials. In fact, most transported goods come with tight deadlines, which equates to pressure to drive as fast as possible, with as few breaks as possible. The lack of rest combined with high speed increases the likelihood of trucking accidents exponentially.


If a driver keeps pushing past exhaustion and fatigue, their attention is bound to lapse. In trucker's terms, this is called "white line fever." The lines on the road blur, and they begin nodding off. In a worst-case scenario, they fall asleep. Of course, there are laws and regulations designed to prevent exhausted truckers from getting back on the road, but they’re not always followed. A good personal injury lawyer can find the violations that led to the Kentucky truck accident.


Unfortunately for the drivers, the trucking companies themselves may be at fault. They may put undue pressure on their drivers with unrealistic deadlines. They may not maintain their trucks the way they are supposed to. The company may overload the trucks. All those factors increase the danger to the public that share the same interstates with the trucks.


There are new electronic logs that many trucking companies are using that may eventually eliminate paper log books. These electronic logs will be much more difficult to alter change or forge. 

After Your Trucking Accident


Once a truck or tractor trailer accident has happened, it is absolutely crucial to talk with a personal injury lawyer right away. It can't be just any lawyer. It has to be an attorney who specifically focuses on Kentucky truck accidents. As a law firm that has made it their mission to help people who have been in truck and eighteen wheeler accidents, The Schafer Law Office is familiar with all of those complicating factors. They know where to look for evidence that supports your case.


That evidence is why speed is so important to your trucking accident case!  Trucks often just pass through on their way to their destinations and evidence can quickly disappear if your lawyer is not able to ensure that it is preserved. Trucking companies may fly in an expert accident reconstuctionist to the scene of a serious or fatal truck accident. Sometimes this happens within hours of the truck accident. They want their expert to have access to all of the evidence available. They want to win.   


With The Schafer Law Office as your Kentucky truck accident attorney, you’ll be in good hands. The Schafer Law Office has been helping trucking accident victims get compensated for more than 20 years. They know all the challenges and pitfalls of trucking accident cases, all the tactics of the “other” side and how to best present the facts. They can handle the brutal tactics of the insurance companies. In fact, before Mike Schafer opened The Schafer Law Office in Kentucky, personal injury law and Kentucky accident law, Mike worked for an insurance defense firm. They trained him on how insurance companies handle cases. He really knows all the tactics the insurance companies use.  

Attention From A Real Lawyer, Based Locally


Maybe you’re concerned about getting lost in an anonymous lawyer’s office. You’re afraid you’ll be just a number. As a client of The Schafer Law Office, you won’t have to worry about that!


Mike Schafer is personally involved in every case. Mike is a lawyer who will personally make sure everything is taken care of. Mike, your Case Manager and the rest of your legal team will personally return your phone calls when you have questions. The Schafer Law Office is committed to giving your case the best possible chance at winning you the compensation you deserve. The Schafer Law Office will work to get you the settlement you deserve. 


If you have been in a trucking or eighteen wheeler accident, or if someone you love has been killed in such an accident and you live anywhere in Kentucky, give The Schafer Law Office a call.


It's bad enough you got hurt. Call The Schafer Law Office so that you won’t get hurt twice.

The Schafer Law Office can help you in any Kentucky city or county:

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